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Hello, I’m Gabe

A full stack digital marketer that specializes in multi channel PPC and Data Analytics.

I am always looking for creative, flexible, and unique approaches in media planning and media buying with a strong focus on digital strategy, implementation, execution and optimization.

Working with digital media for the past seven years has given me hands-on experience across:

Ecommerce campaigns – focused on driving sales with a positive ROAS.

Lead gen / application campaigns – efficiently generating qualified leads and/or completed applications.

Branding / Awareness campaigns – working with CPG brands to introduce new products and/or increase brand/product/category awareness.

I am looking to explore new opportunities where I can utilize my expertise in digital marketing and build mutually benefiting, transparent long term relationships.

personal information

Full Name
Gabriel Solberg
Stone Ridge, NY
845 389 6877


English native
German fluent
French beginner

Professional Skills

Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Social Advertising
Media Planning

Professional Skills

Lead Generation

Platforms & Tools

Throughout my years working as a digital marketer I have developed a strong skill set across the following platforms and tools in the planning, implementation, execution, optimization and reporting phases:


  • Digital Ad Platforms >

    • Google Adwords Search
    • Google Adwords Display
    • Google Adwords Shopping
    • YouTube Video
    • Facebook Ads – (Video, Canvas, Collection Ads, Dynamic Product Ads, Messenger Ads)
    • Instagram Ads
    • DCM
    • DBM
    • Amazon
    • Criteo
    • Taboola
    • Outbrain
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest

  • Digital Media Tools >

    • Google Analytics
    • Facebook Pixel Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Supermetrics
    • Data Studio
    • Google Sheets
    • Google Slides
    • Marin Software
    • Adwords Desktop Editor
    • Bing Desktop Editor
    • Google Webmaster Tools


work experience

2016 - Current


EasyAutoTagging Inc

In today’s fragmented digital  advertising landscape it is extremely time consuming to efficiently tag and map non-Google products to Google Analytics for seamless holistic cost and performance reporting.

Frustrated by this I set out to build EasyAutoTagging; an easy way  to tag all of your Facebook campaigns, think automated tagging, and link them to your Google Analytics account in a few simple steps.

EasyAutoTagging is currently built to connect with Facebook, but I am  actively working to expand to other platforms.

If you have any questions or platforms that you would love to see available please get in touch and let me know.

2010 - Current


Gabe Solberg

Over the past 7+ years, I have worked with clients of various sizes. From small business with a local and/or digital presence to clients with seven-figure annual budgets.

In my experience, many of the principles of digital marketing apply to accounts large and small.

Every project consists of unique dynamics and, with some strategic creativity, it is possible to achieve positive results, whether that be awareness, leads, app installs or sales.

Taken a fluid approach allows me to always start with a well thought out hypothesis leaving enough room for flexibility to quickly adjust and refine strategy based on incoming data and results.

For everyone’s benefit, I always encourage an open, upfront and transparent conversation to ensure clarity and aligned expectations from the onset and throughout any given project.

2015 - 2018

Senior Media Strategist


Media Planning & Strategy: (Holistic and Data Driven Planning)

Define clear, concise client objectives and create tangible and measurable goals.

Identify and build custom audience segments and syndicate these across most effective platforms to reach a carefully targeted buckets of ‘people’ across the digital landscape.

Establish a consumer’s path to conversion, purchase cycles, and offline ‘moments’ and seasonality that can be activated against to determine when and where to reach the right person.

Stay current on the media landscape and continuously explore evolving and emerging platforms to identify opportunities and white spaces across traditional and digital media such as: OOH, Digital, TV, Streaming or Print.

Creative Coordination: (Connecting the pieces)

Foster communication with the creative team throughout planning and execution to bring together placement, timing, messaging and creative.

Media Execution:

Build out and seamlessly track campaigns across multiple platforms for self-serve media buys and/or work directly with vendors for managed service media buys.

Data Analytics, Reporting & Optimization: (Build, analyze, learn and optimize)

Building narrative driven reports delivered on a weekly and monthly basis to identify actionable insights for campaign optimization and improvements.

Optimizing campaigns across platforms to become more efficient on the buying side and to improve conversion rates (CRO) on the performance side.

Presenting reports to the client via phone and/or in person on a weekly and monthly basis.

2013 - 2015

Digital Markerter


Search Engine Marketing – performance based & branding campaigns:

PPC management – Google and Bing, search, display and shopping campaign optimization, Ecommerce product management (50,000 + products), feed management via the Google merchant center, RLSA, dynamic product and remarketing campaign optimization, mobile targeting and optimization, location targeting, and keyword management.

Social Media Marketing – branding and awareness campaigns:

Social content strategy and optimization, social account management, mobile campaign optimization, audience/persona targeting, and social retargeting.

Google Analytics – data analytics using historical data and Google Analytics to optimize campaign performance.

Google Tag Manager – Install and manage all tracking tags including: Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Remarketing, Ecommerce and Lead Gen Conversion data.

Marin Software, Adwords Desktop Editor, Bing Desktop Editor, Facebook Power Editor, Google Webmaster Tools, Facebook Ads Manager, Linkedin Campaign Manager, and Twitter Ads


  • Family
  • Travel
  • Hiking
  • Beards
  • Coffee

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